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Model Kit

There are 8 items with this product type

BEEGspin Twin Pod Car

JPG Productions$39.99

Cuddles the Love Monkey

2 Fat Guys$45.00
Sooner or later, Cuddles is coming for us all... Sculpted by Steve Kundrat, Cuddles stands approximately six inches tall as he checks his hourglass watch to ensure he's not late for his next appointment.This kit is solid-cast in 6 resin pieces.

Dark Night Detectrix

2 Fat Guys$75.00


2 Fat Guys$15.00
Legend speaks of a curse so terrible, it can only be whispered, lest the sprirt of Eyehotep hear and rise from his sarcophagus to claim all who utter his name.? Sculpted by Steve "Haunted Pen" Kundrat, Eyehotep stands a regal 2.5 inches tall in his cyclop

Recon 6

2 Fat Guys$15.00
Like aliens? Like monsters? Like cute? Then Recon 6 is for you. Straight from another world, from a race detirmined to take over the Earth, this little guy is on the front wave of the "massive" assault force. Armed with an Ocular Cannon and ready to r

Special Offers from 2 Fat Guys

2 Fat Guys$25.00
Limited Time Offer: Buy Eyehotep at the regular price, and get Recon 6 for $5.00 off! 2 Kits for $25!

TiEGG Space Superiority Fighter

JPG Productions$39.99

Trade Fed. Troop Transport

2 Fat Guys$40.00

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Home > Types > Model Kit

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